About ME

I would describe myself as a graphic designer with a difference. I believe that design is a key tool in bringing about positive change in the world. I like to work with clients that are passionate about what they do and want a designer to bring out the best in their organisation or project. My work focuses on content rather than form so I am not aligned with a certain style. Although I have had experience in all forms of graphic design, my main passion within this realm of practice is editorial design. In my personal work, I like to combine this with my own writing skills and have recently started a series of self published zines which are used as a tool to create conversations about the wider issues of society.

Currently looking for freelance work/internships.



First Class BA (Hons) Visual Communication at Leeds College of Art

Foundation Diploma at University of Creative Arts Farnham



A month's work experience with Nixon Design in Cornwall

A day's experience at ITN graphic department in London



Aesthetica Magazine